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node.js and npm

Most of Iced Dev applications are written for the node.js platform.

To run an application using node.js, you will need:

  • node.js
  • npm - a package manager that is bundled with node.js

Dependency installation

Depenedencies are tracked in a manifest file named package.json. This file is the central authority for all private and public dependencies of the application.

To install all the dependencies for the application, in the application directory, run the command:

npm install

This command will install the entire dependency tree and will probably take a while to run.

Once dependencies are installed, you are ready to run the application.

Running the application

To run the application, in the application directory, you will need to run the command:

npm start

This command can be prefixed with private environment variables, such as database connections, as such:

DATABASE_URL=postgres://user:pass@localhost:5432 npm start

The application should now be running.

Running tests

Tests can be run by being in the application directory and running the command:

npm test

If the tests fail, this command will exit with a status code of 1 and npm will report the error to you in the console. It will also log failures to npm-debug.log


All npm failures will be reported at the console and in the npm-debug.log file in the directory the command was run in.