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Gouraud Shading

This program generates a random triangle and renders it using Gouraud shading method for 2D triangles. The result is displayed using SDL library. Two implementations are available: the standard C++ one (optimized by GCC) together with my standard implementation in NASM. There is an interactive mode, which allows to see some simple animations of vertex positions and colors.

Build with make tria command. The compiler must be compatible with C++11 standard. SDL 1.2 is required (x64 build). Supported OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86-64.


For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

apt-get install build-essential libsdl1.2-dev nasm


$ ./tria <mode> <seed> <width> <height> <v1colorhex> <v2colorhex> <v3colorhex>
  • mode should be one of: benchmark (compare two implementations), sse (interactive mode using NASM SSE implementation), cpp (interactive mode using C++ implementation)
  • seed is a seed for RNG which is used to generate the positions of vertices, the seed will be generated randomly if this argument is zero
  • width and height are the window dimensions which must be at least 100
  • v1colorhex, v2colorhex, v3colorhex - colors of the particular vertices in RGB hex, e.g. FF0000

Exemplary usage

Compare two implementations:

$ ./tria benchmark 1337 800 600 FF0000 00FF00 0000FF

Display interactive NASM SSE version:

$ ./tria sse 0 800 600 FF0000 00FF00 0000FF

Display interactive C++ version:

$ ./tria cpp 0 800 600 FF0000 00FF00 0000FF

Interactive mode controls

Press 1, 2 and 3 on the keyboard in order to select the vertex to be manipulated. After that, click somewhere on the screen to see the animation. You could also use C in order to generate a new random color for the selected vertex.


An exercise in SSE, Gouraud triangle shading



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