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hackintosh EFI repo for Inspiron i5.
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I no longer own this laptop. Since I am unable to test anything, I am marking this as archived.

Dell Inspiron 5559

This repo is for the 15" Dell Inspiron 5559 i5-6200U. It should work for the 17" model.

Supported Versions

config.plist is for Mojave.


  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth and Wifi - BCM94352Z
  • Display brightness
  • IGPU (NOTE: This computer has 64mb so no need to use any patching.)
  • Sleep
  • Touchscreen (NOTE: Completely independent of the OS. macOS does not natively support multi-touch)
  • Touchpad/Trackpad with all gestures
  • Speakers (Note: Use BoomAudio or eqMac to eliminate flat sound.)
  • USB 3 and 2

Persistent Bugs & Errors

  • CPU does not idle at 800MHz. It idles as low as 1.10GHz. Windows idles at 800MHz. Nothing appears to solve that.
  • Upon reboot, WiFi or Bluetooth may be disabled. Shutdown completely to fix.
  • Webcam. Intel RealSense F200 is a 3D camera and as a result does not work. It is classified as UVC, but requires drivers.
  • Brightness buttons
  • Pressing FN + F9 results in a system hang. This is the search feature in Windows.
  • Pressing FN + F8 causes system lag. This is the project feature in Windows.

How to use

Clone this repo


S/L/E Kexts

Move the following kexts:

  • Lilu
  • WhateverGreen
  • RealtekRTL8100
  • CodecCommander
  • AppleALC
  • ACPIBatteryManager
  • BrcmFirmwareRepo
  • BrcmNonPatchRAM2
  • BrcmPatchRAM2
  • FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi
  • FakePCIID

L/E Kexts

Move the following kexts:

  • AppleBacklightInjector


  • This computer does not need any of the USB patches in config. USB Inject works but you need to patch the SSDT to properly show internal/external. It does not reach the port limit.
  • Backlight SSDT needs to be generated before it will work.
  • Optional: [System Prefs] > [Keyboard] > [Modifier Keys]. Change Option -> Command , Command -> Option


  • Fix backlight buttons (ACPI proving difficult.)
  • Could possilby grab a generic UVC replacement part from a slightly older, or variant model of this Dell.


If your touchpad is not working, press FN + PrtScr. Pressing these buttons disables and enables it. Battery life is great. It's actually better than Windows. Video playback lasts for 5 hours. Casual web browsing using Safari lasts 6 hours.

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