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bin Improve the comments in the githaven-checkpermissions script.
web Put GitHaven under the GNU Affero General Public License
.gitignore Ignore repos directory
099-githaven install in ~/git/githaven
HACKING Add a HACKING file to the repository giving some basic information about
LICENSE Put GitHaven under the GNU Affero General Public License
README Remove link to the domain which has expired.
generate_deb Tweak generate_deb to use the current setup on my system
generate_release_commit Update the githaven-help when bumping version numbers
githaven.svg Add the svg file for the GitHaven logo Install the apache file with the files and in the post install install


GitHaven is a simple web application to manage Git repositories with a web browser.

Packaged as a Debian archive GitHaven is designed to be easily installed and upgraded so you can run it anywhere you want.
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