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cat web/app/views/layouts/site.erb | sed -e s/$lver/$cver/g > $file
mv -f $file web/app/views/layouts/site.erb
cat generate_deb | sed -e s/$lver/$cver/g > $file
mv -f $file generate_deb
chmod +x generate_deb
cat bin/githaven-help | sed -e s/$lver/$cver/g > $file
mv -f $file bin/githaven-help
chmod +x bin/githaven-help
echo "githaven (${cver}-1) unstable; urgency=low" > $file
echo "" >> $file
git log v${lver}..HEAD --pretty=format:%s | sed -e 's/^/ * /g' >> $file
echo "" >> $file
echo "" >> $file
echo -n " -- Benjamin Meyer <> " >> $file
date --rfc-2822 >> $file
echo "" >> $file
cat debian/changelog >> $file
mv $file debian/changelog -f
echo "Bump version numbers to $cver and generate the changelog for the next release."
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