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callgrind_tools is a collection of tools to help manipulate callgrind files generated by valgrind's tools
Callgrind files are compressed by default. To make it easier to read the
callgrind files it is usefull to turn off the compression. You can do this
with the valgrind options "--compress-strings=no --compress-pos=no" or you
can use this tool if you already have a compressed file. For more
information about the compression see the valgrind documentation.
./callgrind_decompress callgrind.out.111 -o callgrind.out.111.u
A small tool to extract information out of a callgrind file.
// list all functions in file foo.h
./callgrind_info callgrind.out.10 -functions foo.h
// output the cost for function doFoo
./callgrind_info callgrind.out.10 -cost Bar::doFoo
// output all fe objects in the callgrind file
./callgrind_info callgrind.out.10 -spec fe
Given a callgrind file and a source file, callgrind_coverage will output
the code coverage of the callgrind file over the source file including
jumps. Make sure when using valgrind you use --collect-jumps=yes
More information about callgrind can be found on the valgrind website:
callgrind_tools requires rpp to build so first use git to clone its repository and then you can build.
git clone git://
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