Some scripts, test applications, tools, and misc for the chromium project
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Hack on Chromium using Git

# Create an account on http://github if you do not already have one.

# Goto: and fork the project

# Checkout your repository newly forked project
mkdir chromium
cd chromium
git clone[your github user name]/chromium.git
mv chromium src

# Add chrome to the list of remote repositories so you can fetch off it.
cd src
git remote add -f chromium git://

# Grab the gclient tool rest of the third party source
svn co
linux/gclient config
cd src
../linux/gclient sync

# How to build
cd chromium/src/webkit
hammer Hammer

# How to update your repository with upstream
git fetch chromium
git rebase chromium/master
../linux/gclient sync

# Grab git-cl and tools for uploading patches
git clone git://
git clone git://

# Add this to your .profile so everything is in your path and it knows who is uploading the patch
export CHROME=$HOME/dev/chromium 
export PATH=$CHROME/chromium_tools:$CHROME/git-cl/:$CHROME/linux:$PATH

# make a branch
git checkout -b master testbranch

# make a modification
cd src
echo "ME!" >> AUTHORS
git commit -a -m "Add me to the authors file"

# upload patch, replace sha1 with the sha1 of your commit
upload-git-patch sha1

# Goto the chromium-dev channel on irc and pester someone to review your change

# Having your own repository you can push up branches and patches independent of the chromium review system.  And it makes it easy to grab patches/branches from other users that have forked off the chromium github repository as git wont re-download all of the files when you add them as a remote source.