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Puzzle Game created to play around with css3 animation/transitions
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audio Add new levels
cgi-bin Put the easy levels first
levels delete dead levels
png real images
tools Add script used to extract from puzz-le
.gitignore Add new levels
README Add readme file
about.html Add a link back to the game from the about page
anigma.js When using safari scroll below the location bar
anigma_credits.html More cleanup
credits.css credits css file
credits.html Tweak license and easter egg
credits_page.html forward compatible
engine.js Prevent vertical scrolling
favicon.ico A temporary fav icon.
index.css Make the entire Play button on the initial screen clickable
index.html forward compatible
level.html forward compatible
list.css make fully square
list.html forward compatible
style.css showing the cursor is determined by the engine now
sync update sync to point to new location
worlds.css Fix background colors in the body


CSS3Anigma is a puzzle game that was created to play around with css3 animation/transitions.

You can play the game at
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