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<img id="whitel" src="png/jewel_white.png">
<img id="whiter" src="png/jewel_white.png">
<p id = "creditsheader">
<img id="blue" src="png/jewel_blue.png">
Programmed by <a href="">Benjamin Meyer</a>
<img id="cyan" src="png/jewel_cyan.png">
Thanks to Jennifer Meyer for play testing
<img id="gray" src="png/jewel_gray.png">
Inspired by the Sharp Zaurus game Puzz-le created by Walter Rawdanik
which was Inspired by the Palm game Vexed.
<img id="green" src="png/jewel_green.png">
Having trouble? Watch the full credits and I will see if I can't help you unlock a level.
<img id="orange" src="png/jewel_orange.png">
Jewels by Eugene Trounev and Sebastien Delestaing
<img id="purple" src="png/jewel_purple.png">
First by <a href="">Neil</a>
Tiny Tunes by <a href="">FantomenK</a>
Reflect 2 by <a href="">Nanoshine</a>
Neon Aurora by <a href="">Alpha C</a>
Wine Walls by <a href="">Siddhis</a>
All Systems Go by <a href="">Emar</a>
Aftershock Sunrise by <a href="">Sleepy</a>
Solo City by <a href="">Pompei</a>
Without You by <a href="">Pompei</a>
The Blackbird by <a href="">Sailfish</a>
Her Lazer Light Eyes by <a href="">Nullsleep</a>
<img id="red" src="png/jewel_red.png">
Jewel artwork is Under the GPLv2 license. Levels are under the GPLv2 license
<img id="yellow" src="png/jewel_yellow.png">
Javascript and action icons are under the BSD license
<img id="white" src="png/jewel_white.png">
Music is under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License
Thanks for playing!