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Aquire achievements while using git.
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Git Achievements

Git-Achievements records all of the achievements you acquire while using Git.

There are over 40 achievements, most with different levels to be achieved. After a git command is executed if a new achievement is unlocked git-achievements will display a message on the console for your enjoyment:

                            Git Achievement Unlocked!

                    Added a .gitignore file to a repository.

GitHub Pages

A log of all of your achievements is kept locally, but you can also publish it to GitHub pages so you can share your achievements (and there is an RSS feed so people can track your achievements).

For example the project maintainer's achievements page is at

If you are viewing a forked version of git-achievements you want to replace icefox with the GitHub user account you want to see like so:

To push your achievements to GitHub first fork the project on GitHub, clone your repository and set the following config to true:

git config --global achievement.upload "true"

When an achievement is unlocked the index.html file will be overwritten, committed, and then a git push origin will be executed.


Add git-achievements to your path and alias git to git-achievements. For example add the following to the end of your ~/.bash_profile

export PATH="$PATH":~/git/git-achievements
alias git="git-achievements"

You can get your first achievement by running

git achievements --help
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