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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><rss version="2.0"><channel>
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2 <title>Benjamin C Meyer's Git Achievements</title>
eed5da6 @icefox New achievement Architect (Level 4)
3 <description></description>
4 <link></link>
5ff6c56 @icefox New achievement Miller (Level 6)
5 <item><title>Miller (Level 6)</title><description>Add only part of a file to the stage 1262 times with git add -p.</description></item>
6ad1048 @icefox New achievement Merchant (Level 5)
6 <item><title>Merchant (Level 5)</title><description>Added an external repository with git remote add.</description></item>
eed5da6 @icefox New achievement Architect (Level 4)
7 <item><title>Architect (Level 4)</title><description>Created a new repository with git init.</description></item>
8 <item><title>Product Manager (Level 4)</title><description>Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away with git stash.</description></item>
9 <item><title>Archivist (Level 4)</title><description>Prepare each commit with its patch in one file per commit with git format-patch</description></item>
10 <item><title>Miller (Level 5)</title><description>Add only part of a file to the stage 1057 times with git add -p.</description></item>
11 <item><title>Master Author (Level 9)</title><description>Made 2^Level commits using git commit.</description></item>
12 <item><title>Master Socialite (Level 8)</title><description>pushed a branch to a remote repository using git push</description></item>
13 <item><title>Miller (Level 4)</title><description>Add only part of a file to the stage 1028 times with git add -p.</description></item>
14 <item><title>Master Stone Mason (Level 10)</title><description>Added files to the index area for inclusion in the next commit with git add</description></item>
15 <item><title>Master Collector (Level 7)</title><description>Fetches named heads or tags from another repository with git fetch</description></item>
16 <item><title>Investigator (Level 5)</title><description>Used git blame to annotates a file with information about how each line changed.</description></item>
17 <item><title>Master Goldsmith (Level 9)</title><description>Reviewed patches before committing with git diff --cached.</description></item>
18 <item><title>Master Butcher (Level 7)</title><description>Performed an interactive rebase using git rebase -i.</description></item>
19 <item><title>Master Seamstress (Level 7)</title><description>amended a commit with git commit --amend.</description></item>
20 <item><title>Apprentice Fisherman (Level 2)</title><description>Look for specified patterns in the current repository with git grep.</description></item>
21 <item><title>Master Historian (Level 9)</title><description>Investigate the commit log using git log.</description></item>
22 <item><title>Blacksmith (Level 4)</title><description>Created a branch using git checkout -b.</description></item>
23 <item><title>Master Presenter (Level 9)</title><description>Shows one or more objects (blobs, trees, tags and commits) with git show</description></item>
24 <item><title>Master Goldsmith (Level 8)</title><description>Reviewed patches before committing with git diff --cached.</description></item>
98cb1b2 @icefox New achievement
25 </channel></rss>
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