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tlevine commented Oct 11, 2012

I wrote tests for half of the achievements

tlevine added some commits Oct 10, 2012

@tlevine tlevine New achievement Student a0a0c87
@tlevine tlevine moving tests to urchin 6d38e5f
@tlevine tlevine New achievement Student 1b6638b
@tlevine tlevine switch to using the log 8586cc4
@tlevine tlevine rm the log b4fd602
@tlevine tlevine Student test 57e40dd
@tlevine tlevine tests da6be9c
@tlevine tlevine Standardize setup/teardown 62051e4
@tlevine tlevine cleaning lady f67edfa
@tlevine tlevine rename setup and teardown 8db9381
@tlevine tlevine test cases ae73ddb
@tlevine tlevine stone mason cb4b567
@tlevine tlevine rm more d56463d
@tlevine tlevine ignore 8151b35
@tlevine tlevine achiveed b0da155
@tlevine tlevine move some tests from testscript 127ac36
@tlevine tlevine document testing 1d18c13
@tlevine tlevine Merchant with associated fixtures d1878ff
@tlevine tlevine author c5d99ae
@tlevine tlevine setup/teardown 5c2f0a5
@tlevine tlevine remove superfluous && 8b070b3
@tlevine tlevine oops 26314e8
@tlevine tlevine level up 79f5ca1
@tlevine tlevine levels 2c39426
@tlevine tlevine merchant 4e63d7e
@tlevine tlevine historian c9b5b79
@tlevine tlevine not-achieved 8619929
@tlevine tlevine seamstress dfd0a0a
@tlevine tlevine cloning d67f553
@tlevine tlevine Garage Inventor d042dcd
@tlevine tlevine chimney 9d51931
@tlevine tlevine locksmith d359e2c
@tlevine tlevine Caretaker 2601c91
@tlevine tlevine Banker 4e2498f
@tlevine tlevine ignores cf553f1
@tlevine tlevine spaces 25c8816
@tlevine tlevine tmp b06cce1
@tlevine tlevine baptism 1e4d37f
@tlevine tlevine collector e97085c
@tlevine tlevine gardner 978d034
@tlevine tlevine fisherman but it doesn't work 124f510
@tlevine tlevine gipsy fe78191
@tlevine tlevine tests 8e4b599
@tlevine tlevine goldsmith ad4f20e
@tlevine tlevine more tests 8f92d2e
@tlevine tlevine more tests 779b46b
@tlevine tlevine socialite fc89d8b
@tlevine tlevine wget fa8a719
@tlevine tlevine explain path d3fbf11
@tlevine tlevine ignore urchin log 9baf02f
@tlevine tlevine three more tests d8a69c6
@tlevine tlevine change urchin version ebbe9f2
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