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#include <qdiriterator.h>
#include <qurl.h>
+ Returns a valid URL from a user supplied string if one can be deducted.
+ In the case that is not possible, an invalid QUrl() is returned.
+ \since 4.6
+ Most applications that can browse the web, allow the user to input a URL
+ in the form of a plain string. This string can be manually typed into
+ a location bar, obtained from the clipboard, or passed in via command
+ line arguments.
+ When the string is not already a valid URL, a best guess is performed,
+ making various web related assumptions.
+ In the case the string corresponds to a valid file path on the system,
+ a file:// URL is constructed, using QUrl::fromLocalFile().
+ If that is not the case, an attempt is made to turn the string into a
+ http:// or ftp:// URL. The latter in the case the string starts with
+ 'ftp'. The result is then passed through QUrl's tolerant parser, and
+ in the case or success, a valid QUrl is returned, orelse a QUrl().
+ Examples
+ - becomes
+ - becomes
+ - localhost becomes http://localhost
+ - /home/user/test.html becomes file:///home/user/test.html (if exists)
+ Tips when dealing with URLs and strings
+ - When creating a QString from a QByteArray or a char*, always use
+ QString::fromUtf8().
+ - Do not use QUrl(string), nor QUrl::toString() anywhere where the URL might
+ be used, such as in the location bar, as those functions loose data.
+ Instead use QUrl::fromEncoded() and QUrl::toEncoded(), respectively.
static QUrl guessUrlFromString(const QString &string)
QString trimmedString = string.trimmed();

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