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begin : Thu Feb 17 2000
copyright : (C) 2000 by Benjamin Meyer
email :
#ifndef SETUP_H
#define SETUP_H
#include <qdict.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include "kinkattalistview.h"
#include "tbuddylist.h"
#include "newpounceimp.h"
class QMultiLineEdit;
class QString;
* Settings for all of kinkatta
* Will be fazed out over time to kconfig.
struct settings_t {
QString config;
// Sound
int SoundMode;
bool sound_enable_login;
bool sound_enable_logout;
QString sound_file_command;
QString sound_file_login;
QString sound_file_logout;
// Network
QString login_server_toc;
QString login_server_login;
QString login_port_toc;
QString login_port_login;
bool login_enable_save;
bool login_enable_auto;
QString login_name;
QString login_password;
int proxy_Choice;
QString proxy_server;
QString proxy_port;
// Permit Deny
// Away
bool away_enable_auto;
int away_auto_delay_minutes;
QString away_auto_default_message;
QMap <QString, QString> *mapAwayMessages;
bool away_comeBackOnlyOnBackClick;
bool away_disable_sound;
// General
bool main_resizeHeight;
int main_resizeHeightMax;
int main_resizeHeightMin;
bool main_resizeWidth;
int main_resizeWidthMax;
int main_resizeWidthMin;
bool main_loginMoveRight;
bool main_loginMoveLeft;
bool main_loginMoveNo;
int main_moveDown;
bool main_showIdle;
bool main_showLastOn;
bool main_noIcons;
int main_idleLayout;
bool main_noHeader;
bool main_useX11ForIdle;
bool main_showTraySignonTooltip;
int main_traySignonTooltipPosX;
int main_traySignonTooltipPosY;
int main_traySignonTooltipAnchorPosition;
bool main_mute_on_login;
// Chat Settings
/// Kinkattalistview.h
buddylist_Font_Settings *buddylistFontSettings;
bool ignore_automated_get_away;
QString IgnoreThisUpdate;
int xSize;
int ySize;
QDict<pounce> pounces;
// Internal Settings (not to be saved)
QString Version;
QString ReleaseDate;
QString Language;
*@author Benjamin Meyer
class setup {
static setup *instance();
static settings_t *settings();
void save();
void read();
void removeGroup(QString group);
void resetDefaults();
void savePounces(const QString &user, const QDict<pounce> &list);
QDict<pounce> readPounces(const QString &user);
QString readPassword(const QString &user);
QString decryptPassword(const QString &cryptedPass);
QString cryptPassword(const QString &plainPass);
void savePassword(const QString &user, const QString &password);
void removePassword(const QString &user);
QStringList registeredUsers(void);
bool isRegisteredUser(QString &user);
QString readProfile(const QString &user);
void saveProfile(const QString &user, const QString &profile);
void saveBuddyList(const QString &user,
const TBuddyList *buddyList,
const TBuddyList *permitList,
const TBuddyList *denyList, int permitStatus);
void parseBuddyList(const QString &user,
TBuddyList *buddyList,
TBuddyList *permitList,
TBuddyList *denyList, int *permitStatus);
void parseBuddyListFile(const QString &settingsFileXml,
TBuddyList *buddyList,
TBuddyList *permitList,
TBuddyList *denyList, int *permitStatus);
QString buddyListFileToString(const QString &file);
QString buddyListToString(const QString &user);
QString buddyListToString(const TBuddyList *buddyList,
const TBuddyList *permitList,
const TBuddyList *denyList, int permitStatus);
//XXX: temporary
void convertOldFilesToNewFiles(void);
settings_t *i_currentSettings;
// setup.h
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