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Update mac directions for applying patches with a shell script fragme…

…nt that shouldn't have to change when new patches are added.
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Monroe Williams
Monroe Williams committed Mar 30, 2009
1 parent e8e3978 commit 906589d187e644a610ffd445bd3622b35426c1e7
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  1. +5 −5 llmozlib2/README-Qt-mac.txt
@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ git checkout -b qtwebkit origin/qtwebkit
-patch -p1 </path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt-snapshot_00-target.patch
-patch -p1 </path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt-snapshot_01-qtwebkit-cookie-url.patch
-patch -p1 </path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt-snapshot_02-cookieexpiration.patch
-patch -p1 </path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt-snapshot_03-multiplecookies.patch
-patch -p1 </path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt-snapshot_04-redirect.patch
+# the patch files are numbered in the order they should be applied, so this should do the right thing
+for patchfile in /path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt_patches/[0-9]* /path/to/llmozlib/llmozlib2/qt_patches/qtwebkit-[0-9]* ; do
+ echo applying "$patchfile"
+ patch -p1 <"$patchfile"
4) Compile Qt

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