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Rick Linden
Rick Linden committed Jun 19, 2009
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@@ -13,7 +13,9 @@ export PATH=$PATH:$QTDIR/bin
2) Get llmozlib and checkout the qtwebkit branch
cd $HOME/dev
+# note if you hasve write access and want to make changes,
+# use git+ssh://
+git clone git://
git checkout -b qtwebkit origin/qtwebkit
3) Apply locally maintained Qt patches
@@ -47,11 +49,25 @@ Create a symlink to QTDIR in the same directory as llmozlib2.xcodeproj (this all
+build the "llwebkitlib" configuration of the "llmozlib2" target
+(note especially: the default configuration is "Release". Be sure
+to specify "llwebkitlib" as the configuration):
+xcodebuild -project llmozlib2.xcodeproj -target llmozlib2 -configuration llwebkitlib
+6) build ubrowser with xcode:
+Get the GLUI Framework (the one tested to work is at
+run ""
build the "Release" configuration of the "llmozlib2" target:
xcodebuild -project llmozlib2.xcodeproj -target llmozlib2 -configuration Release
-6) build ubrowser with xcode:
+now build ubrowser
cd tests/ubrowser
xcodebuild -project ubrowser.xcodeproj -target ubrowser -configuration Release

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