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Change the license to BSD
Remove all references to KDE
Cleanup code style and project
Project was renamed to QAutoConfig
Converted to use Qt 4.1 or greater
Source release's are now formated like a Qt solutions package for easy
intigration into your project.
OSX Instructions updated to include the library relinking for bundles
Added missing KDateTimeWidget QButtonGroup and QGroupBox (now with toggle)
Added ability to specify prefix with kcfg as default for KDE apps.
Specify version in lib build now.
Added Win32 building instructions to README.
Fixed KDE building and instructions.
Modified kconfig code to use a case statment.
Renamed default qmake pro to be the QT_ONLY one.
Documention and tab/space cleanup.
Added OSX instructions to README.
Fixed OSX and Windows saving/retriving of values that arn't strings.
Added private class to KConfig to prevent binary breaking in the future.
Fixed memory leak in demo app (forgot to delete the settings class upon
Windows compiler fixes
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