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qautotestgenerator is a tool to generate stub tests for a C++ class. When writing tests for new code one of the more annoying parts is getting the initial file up and running. qautotestgenerator helps by automatically creating quite a bit of stub code after which you just go through the file filling it in with the actual tests.
Some features include:
- Creates a stub tests for each non private function in the class.
- Creates a subclass for the class to expose any protected functions for testing.
- Creates a basic sanity test that just calls each function.
- Creates a _data() function for each test.
- Populates the _data() functions with columns for each argument and the return value.
- Adds QFETCH stub code that matches the generated _data function as a place to start from.
- Adds the four init and cleanup functions with documentation so you don't have to look up what does what.
- Adds signal spys to each tests if the class contains any signals.
To find out more about QTestLib check out its documentation at
git submodule init
git submodule update
In the example directory is a file example.h that contains a little class. Execute the following to generate and build a test.
./qautotestgenerator example/example.h Example > example/tst_example.cpp
cd example
qmake -project
echo "CONFIG += qtestlib" >>