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A little game to explore the concept of TV games that utilize tables or smart phones.
DEMO / TEST game
The included game is just a prof of concept made to try out some concepts, at the current stage it is:
- A simple little board that is shown on the TV (to get a feel for how big/small the tv board can be)
- Two player game the second player has to manually change their id to 2
- They can from their browser send commands to their guy.
Kill all of the baddies, unlock the gate and save the princess.
TODO: They could pick up powers which would show on their board requiring the two users talk to each other to determine best ways to win the current level. Opening a gate or defeating a bad guy can only happen if they both attack etc.
The code is a POS. Just slapped something together as fast as possible (literally minutes were invested in the code for this game) to mess around with ideas. The code that is only good for demos and _nothing_ more. Also learning Python at the same time doesn't help.