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+A little game to explore the concept of tv games that utilize smart phones / other computers.
+1) A lot of people already have big TVs in their house that have a box with a browser attached. Be this a wii, xbox, boxee, tv with internet built in or something else. Browsing on the TV isn't done very much that I can tell, but it is there.
+2) A lot of people have smart phone and a bunch have tablets.
+All of the above will be increasing as time goes by. When people get together if they were to play a webgame on the tv they could each have a controller that is their phone/pad.
+What unique situations does this present that has not been seen before?
+1 Each user has a screen that can be private while still being in the same room.
+2 not locked into only 2 or 4 players on split screen, how about 400?
+In the past if you wanted to have multiplayer you either played on a splitscrean, had multiple TV's and systems or at your own house.
+There is a lot of fun to be had by playing a game with another person right there with you. Initial idea of games
+- Poker
+- coop games where getting more people helps
+- turn based games
+- Sitting on a couch the tv is pretty far away so resolution isn't as good as a board to a board game one foot away
+- controller screens are down in your lap, tv is up high, makes real time games a bit hard
+The included game is just a prof of concept
+- A simple little board that is shown on the TV
+- Users (1 or 2) can from their browser send commands to their guy. Kill all of the baddies, unlock the gate and save the princess. In theory they could pick up powers which would show on their board requiring the two users talk to each other to determine best ways to win the current level.
+Given the distance from the couch to the tv I wonder if for many games what is shown on the monitor could just as well be shown on the tables/smartphones. A monitor on the dining room table two feet away can provide a much bigger map than a tv 6 feet away. The monitor also solves the browser compatibility problem. The monitor could also display from an ipad etc. Also given that a TV doesn't have a touch screen the user has to some how interact with what is shown on the TV which results in some representation of the screen data also being shown on their device. More thought needed....
+The code is a POS. Just slapped something together as fast as possible to mess around with ideas. The code that is only good for demos and _nothing_ more. Also still learning Python doesn't help.

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