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Automatic unordered/ordered list creation for Facebook’s Draft.js editor.
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Draft.js Auto-list Plugin

This is a plugin for the draft-js-plugins-editor, a plugin system that sits on top of Draft.js.

This plugin adds support for automatic unordered/ordered list creation within Facebook’s Draft.js editor based on the input text. It looks something like:

Auto-list creation in action

In short, the plugin will turn a sequence of Markdown-like lists into their actual HTML representation:

  • * will become an unordered list
  • - will become an unordered list
  • 1. will become an ordered list
  • 2. will become an ordered list
  • 123. will become an ordered list

You’ll notice that the plugin also enables support for breaking out of lists like you’d expect in a WYSIWYG editor. That is, if you press "Return" on an empty list item, the current block is turned back into a standard block type.


import createAutoListPlugin from 'draft-js-autolist-plugin'
const autoListPlugin = createAutoListPlugin()

This can then be passed into a draft-js-plugins-editor component:

import Editor from 'draft-js-plugins-editor'
// Within another React component
<Editor plugins={[autoListPlugin]}/>


To ensure that we aren’t constantly querying the content of the editor, the plugin keeps track of the characters that are typed in order and only attempts to create a list if the full sequence matches the examples above. If make a mistake while typing a list it won’t create one. For example, the following sequence would fail (typed characters delineated by []:


Even though it would seem like a list should be created here (because the final visible sequence is * ), we don’t attempt to.


  • Allow the various list regexes to be overridden.
  • Add test coverage for, you know, the actual functionality within a Draft.js instance.
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