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ChameleonMini RevE - Rebooted

Linux & OSX CI Releases
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Image ChameleonMini revE - rebooted

Attribution LICENSE

"Based on the open-source NFC tool ChameleonMini:" License

This is firmware for the revised, rebooted version of the ChameleonMini RevE Rebooted which so many of you bought. The chinese manufacturer had its firmware changes to themself which was limiting for all who bought this device. After talks with manufacturer, they also came to the conclusion that it should be open-sourced. I managed to get source from them and agreed to make a public repository on GitHub. Since this firmware isn't in the official ChameleonMini repo, I decided to make a 'iceman fork' of it.


Let us make this fork awesome to play with. Do please play with it. Get excited and experiment with your enhanced ChameleonMini device!

First Steps

This repo is focused on RevE Rebooted. Start with reading our Wiki.

To upgrade the firmware of your ChameleonMini

For RevG owners, please visit the Getting Started page from the doxygen documentation.

For RevE Rebooted owners, please start with our Getting Started

Supported Cards and Codecs

See here.


Based on the partial source code release for the GUI, we created a new GUI: iceman's ChameleonMini rebootedGUI It is a windows .net based software and it is really nice to work with. Has support for ChameleonMini revE / revG commands, dump management, color templates for dumps, and multilanguage.

Built by @bogition and @iceman1001


If you have any questions, please start with reading our Wiki. If not enough visit the issues page to the related hardware device you own, and ask your questions there so everyone benefits from the answer.

For RevG owners, please visit the RevG Issues page

For RevE Rebooted owners, please visit the RevE Rebooted Issues page

The new Proxmark community discord server is a great place to discuss Chameleon Mini releated stuff. discord server

Repository Structure

The code repository contains:

  • Drivers: Chameleon drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Firmware: The complete firmware including a modified Atmel DFU bootloader and LUFA
  • Software: Contains a python tool for an easy configuration (and more) of the ChameleonMini, Note that this is currently under construction

Where to buy?

Shop URL Device
Kaos Rev G
sneaktech Rev E Rebooted
Lab401 Rev E Rebooted


If you feel the love, do feel free to become a iceman patron. For some tiers it comes with rewards

All support is welcome.

Perpetual glory!

A list of those who contributed to this repo in order to make it work. The community owns you all a deep and sincere thank you.

  • @bogiton
  • @doegox
  • @ceres-c
  • @iskuri
  • @shinhub / @securechicken
  • @McEloff
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