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How to flash a new firmware on the Chameleon on a windows OS?

This guide assume you already set up the two different drivers (LUFA and ATXMEGA) in your OS. The purpose of this guide is to show how to flash your device using the tools needed. You should have gotten the all the original files from where you bought your device. If you set up and compiled the firmware yourself you need to do some extra steps, in order to get the needed bin-files. This is covered in the < COMPILE wiki-page link here >


You will need three files in the same folder in order to flash your chameleon mini rebooted device.

  • myfile.bin
  • myfilee.bin

Note: In order to generate the myfile.bin and myfilee.bin files needed for BOOT_LOADER_EXE.exe from the Chameleon-Mini.hex and Chameleon-Mini.eep files accordingly, you can use the avr-objcopy.exe utility to convert the hex files to binary format and then the Createbin.exe utility to encode them. A batch script is also available to automate this process.

Also, remember to remove the battery before attempting to flash a firmware. Problems have been reported when the battery was on while flashing.


First get your device into bootloader mode. Two ways, either use the GUI or you keep the black button pressed while plugging in the usb cable.

In device manager, you will see the following.

device in boot loader mode

Open up a command window where you have the folder with the three files. (protip win10, just type cmd in the address bar in windows explorer and press enter will open a command window already in that folder you are watching).


Successful flashing will look like this.

Erasing flash...  Success
Checking memory from 0x0 to 0x6FFF...  Empty.
0%                            100%  Programming 0x20 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
0%                            100%  Reading 0x400 bytes...
0%                            100%  Programming 0x5B00 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
0%                            100%  Reading 0x7000 bytes...

Unsuccessful flash looks like this

dfu-old-driver: no device present.

C:\Users\anon\Desktop\Chameleon RevE Rebooted\>
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