Windows based GUI for Chameleon Mini revE rebooted - Iceman Fork, the ChameleonMini is a versatile contactless smartcard emulator (NFC/RFID)
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Excited news!

A windows based GUI for the ChameleonMini device. It supports all the official RevG, RevE and the rebooted RevE firmware.

Windows GUI - click once deployment v1.2.0.9

For those who can't compile this project there is a click-once deployment installation located here.

Release: v1.2.0.9

Read the changelog for information of what is new.


  • 4.6.2
  • Application needs full rights.

This is hosted by me, feel free to contribute with a donation for hosting costs.

Donate Feel free to donate. All support is welcome.

monereo: 43mNJLpgBVaTvyZmX9ajcohpvVkaRy1kbZPm8tqAb7itZgfuYecgkRF36rXrKFUkwEGeZedPsASRxgv4HPBHvJwyJdyvQuP






Perpetual glory!

A list of those who contributed to this repo in order to make it work. The community owns you all a deep and sincere thank you.

  • @bogiton
  • @kevin2008-01 (French translations)
  • @proxgrind (Chinese translations)
  • @asper (Italian translations)
  • @djbiohazard (Dutch translations)
  • @hiwanz
  • @kgamecarter
  • @Vrumfondel
  • @neijpass (spanish translations)