AjaxCRUD - Manage mySQL Database with PHP and a few lines of code!
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FULL CLASS DOCUMENTATION HERE: http://www.ajaxcrud.com/api/

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  1. To install this class you must first manually CREATE a database. This is done (locally) by going into your mySQL terminal window and using the SQL "CREATE DATABASE [database_name]".

    If you are using an online host, you'll have to go into its control panel (eg C-panel) and create a database.

  2. Make sure a database user has complete access to the database in question (SELECT, UPDATE, CREATE, DELETE)

  3. Edit the file "preheader.php" and fill in your database information

  4. Navigate to the file "/examples/install.php"

  5. Navigate to the file "/examples/example.php" to test out the class!!

~Loud Canvas Media Staff www.loudcanvas.com

NB: Make sure you include any "header" info (e.g. any HTML, echo statements, etc) AFTER you include the ajaxCRUD class.