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Ray Tracing Project

  • The significant of this ray tracing project is that it had been done 5 basic features and 7 extension features, what is more the ray of object/components gets prefect reflection and refraction without any execution errors. However, there could be some more improvements such as Camera motion, constructive solid geometry, and bounding volumes. The estimate of the time taken by the program to run on lab computer is 35 seconds, and 2 min 15 seconds for run on my own laptop which is the worst case.
  • The features which achieved are listed below: image
  1. Lighting and Multiple Light Sources : The lighting system of this ray tracing project is that included two lights inside of the scene. The two light provided two different shadows. The position of first light is [-10, 15, -5] and the second light is [16, 15, -50] so it like one on front and other one on the back. The shadow generates separately which give the two shadow works individual effect.

  2. Shadows: image

  3. Reflections: image

  4. Box(Cube): image

  5. Textured Plane: image

  6. Cyclinder: image

  7. Cone: image

  8. Tetrahedron: image

  9. Refractions: image

  10. Textured sphere: image

  11. Anti-aliasing(Super Sampling): file-page5

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