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C++ Redis Client, base on Boost.asio, auto detech redis cluster
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C++ Redis Client, base on Boost.asio. This project depends on boost_1_70_0, and The RedisServer is 5.0+. At the same time, you can try it with other version of boost and redis server.

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How to use FlyRedis?

Option1: Use FlyRedis As Statistic library
Option2: Recommand Include source code in your project, which is {fly_redis_home}/include/FlyRedis/, there only two files, FlyRedis.h and FlyRedis.cpp

How to build FlyRedis as Library?

Windows: {fly_redis_home}/FlyRedis.vcxproj
Linux: {fly_redis_home}/Makefile

How to test FlyRedis?

Windows: {fly_redis_home}/sample/sample.vcxproj
Linux: {fly_redis_home}/sample/Makefile

Use FlyRedis In Code

// If you want collect RedisLog, you can call CFlyRedis::SetLoggerHandler
CFlyRedis::SetLoggerHandler(FlyRedisLogLevel::Notice, YourLoggerFunction);
CFlyRedisClient hFlyRedisClient;
hFlyRedisClient.SetRedisConfig(strRedisAddr, strPassword);
// If you want split read and write, you can call CFlyRedisClient::SetFlyRedisReadWriteType, 
// then the read command will be sent to slave only.
// The default mode was FlyRedisReadWriteType::ReadWriteOnMaster
std::string strResult;
int nResult = 0;
hFlyRedisClient.SET("key", "value", strResult);
hFlyRedisClient.GET("key", strResult);
hFlyRedisClient.DEL("key", nResult);

Redis Command Support

This project did not implement all Redis command, And I will add support in the further, at the same time, You can add implementation yourself, or you can send email to me, and I will add it in 7 days.

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