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ICES GitHub Guidelines

ICES provides four GitHub areas to facilitate scientific collaboration in marine research:

  1. Expert Groups

  2. Tools under development

  3. Tools maintained by ICES

  4. Transparent Assessment Framework

The code in these repositories can be browsed and downloaded. To apply for write access to specific repositories, please send an email to

The distinction between tools-prod and tools-dev is that contains software that is operational and maintained by the ICES Secretariat, while contains everything else (operational software maintained by scientists outside the Secretariat, experimental projects, etc.)

The main guidelines for working in the ICES GitHub areas are:

  • Users should provide their full name in their GitHub profile (

  • Repositories should be kept under 1 GB and should mainly contain code and configuration files. Large datasets, images, and documents are better stored elsewhere.

  • Expert Group chairs may recommend a certain GitHub workflow for that group.

The main GitHub help page can be found at:

A hello world tutorial can be found at:

Other help resources, including the Git book, are listed in the R development guidelines used by the ICES Secretariat: