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Tools and code for Icesat-2 data analysis
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Tools to make IceSAT-2 ATL03 and ATL08 easier

Data products from IceSAT-2 require some familiarity working with large datafiles and Hdf5 files. PhoREAL is a library of tools and source code to help scientist and researchers more easily use Icesat-2 ATL03 and ATL08 data products.

PhoREAL v1.0

  • PhoREAL is a geospatial analysis toolbox that allows users to read in IceSat-2 ATL03 .h5 data files, process the data, and output the data into several different file formats for further analysis including .las, .csv, and .kml.

  • On Windows systems, the PhoREAL toolbox can be run as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) executable (.exe)

  • On Linux systems, the PhoREAL toolbox can be run as a Python GUI or as a series of Python function commands via the Linux command line

  • PhoREAL also has the ability to classify ATL03 data points from the classifications in the ATL08 data product, trim IceSat-2 ground track data by latitude or time, plot the resulting ATL03 data, and save any figures created

Download PhoREALGUI.exe (for Windows)


Copyright 2019 Applied Research Laboratories, University of Texas at Austin

This package is free software; the copyright holder gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute, with or without modification, as long as this notice is preserved.

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