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Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data
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Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data

Origin and Purpose

A library to simplify the process of downloading and manipulating ICESat-2 data to enable scientific discovery. icepyx aims to provide a clearinghouse for code, documentation, examples, and educational resources that tackle disciplinary research questions while minimizing the amount of repeated effort across groups utilizing similar datasets.

Many of these tools began as Jupyter Notebooks developed for and during the cryosphere themed ICESat-2 Hackweek at the University of Washington in June 2019 or as scripts written and used by the ICESat-2 Science Team members. This repo combines and generalizes these scripts into a unified framework, making them accessible for everyone.

Join the Conversation

Working with ICESat-2 data and have ideas you want to share? Have a great suggestion or recommendation of something you'd like to see implemented and want to find out if others would like that tool too? Come join the conversation at: Search for "icesat-2" under the "science" topic to find us.


Right now this library is only available as a github repo. To use icepyx, fork this repo to your own account, then git clone the repo onto your system. Provided the location of the repo is part of your PYTHONPATH, you should simply be able to add import icepyx to your Python document.


We welcome and invite contributions from anyone at any career stage and with any amount of coding experience! To contribute to icepyx, simply fork this repo, make and commit your changes on your local branch, and then submit a pull request with a clear message indicating what your changes accomplish.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. Contributor Covenant


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