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Star Realms Simulator

##Create a bot

Bots can be created by extending

See Create JSON Bot for instructions on how to create a JSON bot

Once you have created your bot, add it to the starrealmssimulator/bots package and add a reference to it in

##Running the Simulator

  • You will need to have Java 8.

  • In the main method of you can either simulate one bot against a list of bots using simulateOneAgainstAllBots or you can simulate just two bots against each other using simulateTwoBots or you can simulate all bots against all bots using simulateAllAgainstAll.

  • Run the main method in and the results will be printed to System.out.


See Simulator Results for some interesting results from running the simulator.

##Trello Board

If you are interested in seeing what is being worked on, or if you would like to help work on the simulator, check out the Trello Board: