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Bundle Node.js compatible JavaScripts and their dependencies
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Bundle Node.js compatible modules to one browser compatible file.

$ boiler app.js > bundle.js


Install Backbone with NPM and use in browser:

npm install backbone
var Backbone = require('backbone');

Underscore will be downloaded by NPM and bundled as a dependecy to Backbone.

Include a non-global jquery instance:

// app.js
var $ = require('./jquery', {
  // Export and remove jquery from the global scope
  exports: '$.noConflict()'

require('./jquery.plugin', {
  // Give the jquery plugin a non-global reference to jquery.
  injects: {
    '$': './jquery'

To use your boiled module in the browser, include it in a script tag and access the exported function through boiler.main.

// app.js
module.exports = {
  init: function () {
    $('body').html('Hello World!');
<script src="bundle.js"></script>

To use browser javascripts as Node.js modules you can require them with boiler:

Warning: example doesn't work without injecting a fake window object, but can be done in theory

// my-node-program.js
var boiler = require('boiler'),
    L = boiler(require, './leaflet', 'window.L');

console.log(new L.Point(3, 4));
$ node my-node-program.js
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