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IceVisionSet annotation files

This repository contains manual annotations of traffic signs. Images can be downloaded from

Annotations format

Annotations for each sequence are stored inside folders in the form of TSV files. Each TSV file has the following fields:

  • class: traffic sign code according to Russian traffic code. See wiki for full list of signs.
  • xtl, ytl, xbr, ybr: bounding box coordinates. xbr is always bigger than xtl and ybr is always bigger than ytl.
  • temporary: is sign for "temporary" (i.e. has yellow background)?
  • occluded: is sign occluded?
  • data: associated data, e.g. speed limit, distance, names, etc.

Some files also contain manual field, used to denote if bounding box was annotated manually (true) or was linearly interpolated (false).

class has two additional special values:

  • 8: used for additional information signs for which exact code can not be determined
  • NA: used for unofficial or unrecognizable signs.

Training sequences

Seq. name FLIF JPEG WebM Annotations Frames Boxes
2018-02-13_1418_left link link link link 23652 4737
2018-02-13_1523_left link link link link 36365 4829
2018-03-02_1239_right link link link link 9688 2726
2018-03-07_1322_right link link link link 4312 247
2018-03-07_1325_left link link link link 6318 362
2018-03-07_1336_right link link link link 29374 3604
2018-03-07_1354_right link link link link 3032 143
2018-03-07_1357_right link link link link 16742 2536
2018-03-16_1316_left link link link link 14208 2550
2018-03-16_1324_left link link link link 39431 6479
2018-03-16_1347_left link link link link 14185 507
2018-03-16_1418_left link link link link 659 36

Test sequences


Annotation errors

If you'll encounter any annotation errors, feel free to open an issue describing them, but please be specific and do not forget to list frames in question.


Creative Commons License
IceVisionSet by ISR Lab, Skoltech & RVC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


Traffic sign annotations for OS:Car dataset




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