PHP wrapper for smbclient
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PHP wrapper for smbclient and libsmbclient-php

  • Reuses a single smbclient instance for multiple requests
  • Doesn't leak the password to the process list
  • Simple 1-on-1 mapping of SMB commands
  • A stream-based api to remove the need for temporary files
  • Support for using libsmbclient directly trough libsmbclient-php


Connect to a share

use Icewind\SMB\ServerFactory;
use Icewind\SMB\BasicAuth;


$serverFactory = new ServerFactory();
$auth = new BasicAuth('test', 'workgroup', 'test');
$server = $serverFactory->createServer('localhost', $auth);

$share = $server->getShare('test');

The server factory will automatically pick between the smbclient and libsmbclient-php based backend depending on what is available.

Using anonymous authentication

$serverFactory = new ServerFactory();
$auth = new AnonymousAuth();
$server = $serverFactory->createServer('localhost', $auth);

Using kerberos authentication

$serverFactory = new ServerFactory();
$auth = new KerberosAuth();
$server = $serverFactory->createServer('localhost', $auth);

Note that this requires a valid kerberos ticket to already be available for php

Upload a file

$share->put($fileToUpload, 'example.txt');

Download a file

$share->get('example.txt', $target);

List shares on the remote server

$shares = $server->listShares();

foreach ($shares as $share) {
	echo $share->getName() . "\n";

List the content of a folder

$content = $share->dir('test');

foreach ($content as $info) {
	echo $info->getName() . "\n";
	echo "\tsize :" . $info->getSize() . "\n";

Using read streams

$fh = $share->read('test.txt');
echo fread($fh, 4086);

Using write streams

$fh = $share->write('test.txt');
fwrite($fh, 'bar');

Note: write() will truncate your file to 0bytes. You may open a writeable stream with append() which will point the cursor to the end of the file or create it if it does not exists yet. (append() is only compatible with libsmbclient-php)

$fh = $share->append('test.txt');
fwrite($fh, 'bar');

Using notify

$share->notify('')->listen(function (\Icewind\SMB\Change $change) {
	echo $change->getCode() . ': ' . $change->getPath() . "\n";

Testing SMB

Use the following steps to check if the library can connect to your SMB share.

  1. Clone this repository or download the source as zip
  2. Make sure composer is installed
  3. Run composer install in the root of the repository
  4. Edit example.php with the relevant settings for your share.
  5. Run php example.php

If everything works correctly then the contents of the share should be outputted.