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Nextcloud Markdown Editor

Extends the text editor in Nextcloud with a live preview for markdown files

Markdown Editor


Embed images and videos stored on your Nextcloud

Embed Images

Embed Videos

Use LaTeX to add math to your documents

LaTeX math

Keep track of tasks with checkbox lists

Checkbox lists

Syntax highlighting for your code

Syntax highlighting

Create graph using mermaid.js

Mermaid.js graphs

Fully rendered previews in the sidebar

Sidebar previews


This requires Nextcloud and the Text Editor app to be installed from Nextcloud 10 or higher.


If you're installing from git, you'll need to build the project by running make in the app directory.


To use the markdown editor, simply open a file with a .md or .markdown extention.


This app is written in typescript and requires nodejs and npm to build.

To build the project run make from the app directory.

For development you can automatically build the project every time the source changes by running make watch.

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