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Docker image for [NextCloud][] for development

This image pulls the NextCloud source from the host filesystem while maintaining a seperate config and data directory which makes it easy to test your local code in a clean NextCloud instance.

The build instructions are tracked on [GitHub][this.project_github_url]. Automated builds are hosted on [Docker Hub][this.project_docker_hub_url].

Getting the image

You have two options to get the image:

  1. Build it yourself with make build.
  2. Download it via docker pull icewind1991/nextcloud-dev ([automated build][this.project_docker_hub_url]).

NextCloud up and running

docker run --privileged -d -p 8123:80 -v /srv/http/owncloud:/owncloud-shared icewind1991/owncloud-dev

Replace /srv/http/owncloud with the location of the NextCloud source

ncserver command

Edit misc/ncserver with the location of the NextCloud source and copy or symlink it to somewhere without your $PATH


You can specify the database backend to be used by providing it as argument to the ncserver command. The following database backends are supported sqlite (default), mysql, pgsql and oci.

ncserver mysql

For any database backends besides sqlite a seperate container will be started for the database.

PHP version

You can specificy php version 5 (5.6) or 7 by passing it as seccond argument to ncserver (defaults to 5)

ncserver mysql 7

Blackfire integration

You can enable integration by defining BLACKFIRE_SERVER_ID and BLACKFIRE_SERVER_TOKEN as enviroment variables or starting a "blackfire" container beforehand.

See for more information about using the blackfire agent with docker

Current blackfire only works with php5


misc/nctests starts a new owncloud server in a container and executes the php test suite on it.

nctests takes the same arguments for database and php version

It expects ncserver to be located in $PATH


This project is distributed under [GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3][AGPLv3]. [NextCloud]: [AGPLv3]: [this.project_docker_hub_url]: [this.project_github_url]:


Dev docker image for nextCloud




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