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Put my own aliases back

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1 parent ab4b712 commit 6bb3a1d5cc0954fbfca9c436ba5e06301fb8c346 @iceydee committed Jan 3, 2013
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13 Prompt/.aliases
@@ -9,23 +9,12 @@ alias gs='git status'
alias g-='git pull --rebase'
alias g+='git push'
alias gg='g- && g+'
-alias rogo='git log --oneline --author=katt --after=`date +%Y-%m-%d`" 00:00" | cut -d" " -f2- | pbcopy'
+alias rogo='git log --oneline --author=mio --after=`date +%Y-%m-%d`" 00:00" | cut -d" " -f2- | pbcopy'
alias rbp='rails_best_practices -f html --with-textmate . ; open rails_best_practices_output.html'
-alias gco='git co'
-alias gci='git ci'
-alias grb='git rb'
alias xcode='open -a xcode'
alias text='open -a TextEdit'
alias pre='open -a Preview'
-alias l='ls'
-alias ll='ls -l'
-alias la='ls -a'
-alias lo='logout'
-alias c='clear'
-alias ttop='top -U $USER'
-alias gpt='git push && git push --tags'
-alias gptd='git push && git push --tags && git checkout develop'
function vt {
PREVIOUS_TAG=`git describe | cut -d'-' -f1`

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