Plugin enabling ASPAX to handle Jade files.
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What's this?

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A plugin that enables ASPAX to handle Jade files.


Type this in the folder where you're running ASPAX:

npm install aspax-jade-handler

If you're running ASPAX in a Node.js application root folder, consider using the --save-dev option to avoid deploying this plugin to your production environment:

npm install aspax-jade-handler --save-dev


Simply add .jade source files in aspax.yml:

  - lib.js
  - template-1.jade
  - template-2.jade

From each Jade source file, the plugin will create a precompiled template function in the global JST namespace, i.e.:

  • template-1.jade -> JST['template-1'] = function(...) { ... }
  • template-2.jade -> JST['template-2'] = function(...) { ... }

You can use the precompiled templates in your client-side scripts like this:

  id: 1,
  name: 'John Doe'

What about watching for included files?

This plugin is smart enough to recursively scan for include statements and automatically trigger ASPAX to rebuild the parent asset if one of the files in your import tree changes.

Endorsing the author

If you find this piece of software useful, please tweet about ASPAX and endorse me on LinkedIn:

Ionut-Cristian Florescu on LinkedIn