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punters lambda punter Sep 21, 2017

Lambda punter


  • Install OCAML 4.04.0 or later and OPAM

  • Run opam pin add ocamlgraph (this is a version of ocamlgraph patched by Simon Fowler to implement a general version of Dijkstra's algorithm)

  • Run opam pin add lambda-punter . (this is the actual lambda-punter server)

Running lambda-punter

  • To run the server in online mode, type lampunt.

  • Running lampunt --help lists some command line options.

  • Running lampunt --offline runs two punters that eagerly pick the first river they comes across against one another.

  • To play your own punters against each other in offline mode place them in subdirectories of punters and use the --punter-list command line option to specify a file containing a list of punters. Each punter foo should be placed in subdirectory foo as a binary called punter.

  • You can find some different maps here:

  • To extract a JSON game from a log you can use You can then watch a replay using PuntTV

    (which you will have to work out how to set up for yourself).

To properly understand what's going on: read the source code---then update this to explain what's going on.