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ICGenealogy Project

A comprehensive and quantitative assay of ion channel models currently available in the neuroscientific modeling community

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  1. icg-channels-Ca icg-channels-Ca Public

    Repository for Ca channel models on ICG

    AMPL 2 1

  2. icg-nrn-sim icg-nrn-sim Public

    NEURON tool to run voltage clamp protocols against .mod files

    Python 1 2

  3. icg-channels-Na icg-channels-Na Public

    Repository for Na channel models on ICG

    AMPL 1 1

  4. icg-channels-KCa icg-channels-KCa Public

    Repository for KCa channel models on ICG

    AMPL 1 1

  5. icg-channels-K icg-channels-K Public

    Repository for K channel models on ICG

    AMPL 1 1

  6. icg-channels-customcode icg-channels-customcode Public

    Additional code needed for some channel models



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