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Lightweight tool to collect remote syslogs in-memory and display on web console
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Go Collect Logs

Lightweight tool to collect syslogs (RFC3164 & RFC5424) in-memory then display them on a web console for easy viewing/searching.

Build and run

To build

go get
cd go-collect-logs
go build

To run, just ./go-collect-logs

Usage of ./go-collect-logs:
  -host string
    	Service host to listen on. (default "")
  -log-read-inteval int
    	Interval, in seconds, to read syslog into memory. (default 3)
  -max-filter int
    	Maximum number of filtered log entries to return. (default 1000)
  -max-log int
    	Maximum number of log entries to keep. Approx 1KB/entry. (default 50000)
  -port int
    	Service port to listen on. (default 3000)
    	Parse the syslog severity header
    	Print syslog received to stdout (default true)
  -syslog-host string
    	Syslog host to listen on. (default "")
  -syslog-port int
    	Syslog port to listen on. (default 10514)

Running in Docker:

See instructions on Docker hub:

To build your own:

docker build -t go-collect-logs
docker run --rm -ti -p 3000:3000 -p 10514:10514/UDP -p 10514:10514/TCP go-collect-logs

Sending logs to go-collect-logs:

echo 'test message' 2>&1 | logger -P 10514 -n localhost

or redirect from your existing Docker container:

docker run --rm -ti --log-driver=syslog --log-opt syslog-format=rfc3164 --log-opt syslog-address=udp:// alpine /bin/sh -c "while true; do echo My Message \$RANDOM; sleep 1; done;"

(See piping Docker logs to syslog:

View logs on web console


Screenshot of web console

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