Updated version of the Nettuts+ SailsJs ChatApp Tutorial, for Sails v0.9.3
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A Sails chat application

This app is based on the "Working with data in Sails.js" tutorial by Gabriel Manricks on net.tutsplus.com. The code base has been updated to use the latest version of Sails.js v0.9.3, and comments have been added where the code differs from the original tutorial.

Please also check out the branches, which provide examples of working with Backbone, Requirejs, Bower and Angular.

Feel free to create issues or pull request where the code could be improved (especially on the branches, since I am new to some of the libraries in use).

#####Installation: You must have Node.js installed, which includes npm (node package manager).

From terminal-

  1. cd into the directory you'd like to install the app.
  2. Run "git clone git@github.com:ichabodcole/Sails.js_ChatApp_v0.9.3.git"
  3. cd into the newly created directory.
  4. Run "npm install" to install the necessary packages.
  5. Run "sails lift"


  1. If you receive an error message related to running in root/administrator mode, you may need to use "sudo npm install", however a better recommendation is to follow the instructions found here http://howtonode.org/introduction-to-npm, under "what, no sudo?"
  2. For some of the modular branches you will also need to run "npm install bower" after step 4.