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SolrSearch is a simple, one NodeJs file application which acts as a dumb front end to an Apache Solr instance. Specifically, it is able to front Solr when Solr is used to index large amounts of on-filesystem documentation, also exposed to the web. However, SolrSearch can be used for plenty of other applications as well!

Getting Started


SolrSearch assumes you have NodeJs installed as well as a configured Apache Solr instance with a collection you would like to search.


First, clone down SolrSearch:

git clone && cd solrsearch

Run npm install:

npm i

Copy over the configuration (then configure for your environment):

cp config.json.example config.json

Then, start the SolrSearch server with node:

node index.js

Creating an index for SolrSearch

You can index files on your filesystem using the bin/post tool. If your files are indexed this way, SolrSearch will have no problems serving searches from collections created.

Configuration Values

This section describes some of the various configuration values:

  • query: This is the query that SolrSearch will send to the Solr instance. The {{rows}} and {{start}} substitution should be used so that SolrSearch can properly paginate the results. {{query}} will be replaced with the user's query.
  • page_size: This is the number of queries to return on each page.
  • replace.regex: For each result SolrSearch receives, it will apply this regex to figure out the document path to replace
  • replace.with: For each result, this is the text that is replaced by the regex. Usually, these two options are to rewrite a file location from a local file to a network accessible file uri
  • pagination_steps: This is the number of available page number options are available at the bottom of the page. This should be odd for best UI
  • pagination_bubble: This is the number of available page number options which should always be surrounding the current page
  • base: This is the base url path of this search instance. Should be / if querying SolrSearch directly.

Re-theming the search page

The search page can be modified by modifying the template views/search.handlebars and views/layouts/main.handlebars.

Offline Use

As of now, SolrSearch can work completely without any Internet connection, except for a connection to the Solr instance.


I'm very gracious for any pull requests people may have! Please send them over.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


A painfully stupid and straightforward search interface for Apache Solr








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