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Linesqueak is a simple pure-Go line editor. It speaks to io.Reader and io.Writer instead of pty/tty, which makes it easy to integrate with network based applications (see examples/ssh).

It is inspired by Linenoise.


  • Standard Key Bindings
  • History
  • Completion
  • Hints

Basic Usage

e := &linesqueak.Editor{
	In:     bufio.NewReader(r), // `r` is `io.Reader` (e.g. `ssh.Channel`)
	Out:    bufio.NewWriter(w), // `w` is `io.Writer` (e.g. `ssh.Channel`)
	Prompt: "> ",               // you can be creative here :)

// you may want to process multiple lines
// if so, call `Line()` in a loop
for {
	line, err := e.Line() // `Line()` does all the editor things and returns input line
	if err != nil {
		panic(err) // TODO: proper error handling
	fmt.Fprintf(e.Out, "\ryou have typed: %s\n", line)

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See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).