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Datrie -- Double-Array Trie in OCaml

What is Double-Array Trie?

Trie is an efficient data structure to store key-value pairs like hash table. Double-Array Trie is a way to implement Trie with a pair of parallel arrays.

Trie is better than hash table in many ways:

  1. It can do reverse_lookup, to lookup keys from values.

  2. It can do common_prefix_search, to find key-values that keys are prefixes of query.

  3. It can do predictive_search, to find key-values that keys begin with query.

Introducing Datrie

Datrie is an implementation of Double-Array Trie in OCaml.

Some Double-Array Trie implementations are static -- once a trie is generated, what you can do with it is to read and you can't change it.

By contrast, Datrie is dynamic, that means you can use it like a hash table.

How to Install

You can install Datrie with OPAM but it's not in the default repo yet.

opam remote -add ichiban-devel git://
opam update
opam install datrie


LGPL-2.1 with OCaml linking exception