A desperate attempt to rewrite http://sequencebreak.ru
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Current status of the project

Well, that was easy enough. HTML, CSS and JS (apart from loading more content for the index) is done. Now I'll try to make this into GRAV theme (or stick to Wordpress if I'll fail to master the power of programming).


A desperate attempt to rewrite http://sequencebreak.ru


So, my happy hacking with Ink child theme has come to an end. It's just in a state that I would call disgusting and unmantainable. Ergo I have to do this all over again despite not being a developer myself and spending more time reading some docs rather than writing actual code.

Planned feature list

  1. Semi-resemblant of current design
  2. Lightning fast load speed with clean code, proper structure and all that speed optimizations everyone won't shut up about (scoped CSS, responsive images)
  3. New icons (fuck this FontAwesome, I don't need it for 4 icons)
  4. New font
  5. New menu (dropping from top)
  6. New search results template and cool new animation for search input
  7. Totally responsive (cover images included, menu icon floating the same way as logo does)
  • I really hope that Google PageSpeed Insights will be happy about it too
  1. All that fancy OpenGraph stuff for Twitter, Facebook, VK and all other social networks (already done in current child theme, need to just clean it up)
  2. “Load more” button (pagination sucks)
  3. Improved typography (I have few ideas)
  4. New animations (less fancy, more stylish)
  5. New footer design On a second thought — NO
  6. Custom RSS templates (already done in current child theme, just needs some cleaning)
  7. A little facelift for 404 template
  8. Full screen hero images for articles and proper stretching for index
  9. Video covers!

Development plan

  1. Make it all in just old plain HTML (I don't know shit about PHP anyway) until it looks at works to my liking
  2. Index page
  3. Article page
  4. Search results page
  5. 404
  6. Make it responsive until it looks and works good on mobile too
  7. Transform it into Wordpress template (I'll elaborate here once I'm done with first steps)