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Code to read the unique MAC address from a 11AA02E48 and write it to an empty MCP79410.

Also tests the ENC28J60 Ethernet with DHCP and flashes LED's.

Ian Chilton <ian@ichilton.co.uk>

The MCP7941x is an I2C RTC chip which also includes 1K of EEPROM,
64 bytes of SRAM and a Unique ID.

There are 3 flavours of the MCP7941x, which differ in the Unique ID content:
MCP79410 - Blank
MCP79411 - EUI-48 Mac Address
MCP79412 - EUI-64 Mac Address

This code is mainly aimed at the MCP79410 which has no ID in - it's purpose is to
read the unique ID from an onboard 11AA02E48 and write it to the unique area in
the MCP79410 so it effectively becomes a MCP79411.

If the code detects a mac address is already there (0x2b isn't 0xff), it won't do anything.

If it detects 0x00 or 0xff from the 11AA02E48, it assumes no 11AA02E48 is present and stops.

If the MCP7941x is blank and it successfully gets a mac from the 11AA02E48 then it
will unlock the unique id area and write in the mac address obtained from the 11AA02E48.

After write, hitting the reset should initiate the process again, but should now find a
mac address in the MCP7941x.

All of the above procedure is ran once on boot. After that, it will flash the red and green
led's (digital pins 5 & 6) and give serial output on 9600 baud to show life.

The mcp7941x chip uses an I2C address of 0x57 for the EEPROM and 0x6f for the RTC and SRAM
(the Wire library takes care of adding a LSB for read/write selection)

The 11AA02E48 should be on digital pin 7.

MAC addresses seem to start with 00:04:A3 which is correctly from their
allocation: http://hwaddress.com/?q=microchip

Requires Arduino version 0022. v1.0 was just released a few days ago so
i'll need to update this to work with 1.0.

Requires Andrew Lindsay's NanodeMAC and EtherShield libraries in your
Arduino libraries directory.

You can download them from here: