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(cl:in-package #:asdf-project-helper-asd)
(defpackage :asdf-project-helper
(:nicknames :aph)
(:use :cl)
(:export #:convert-from-document-file #:update-long-description) )
(require :asdf)
(in-package :asdf-project-helper)
(defgeneric convert-to-string (file-type input output))
(defun build-document-path (fname system)
(merge-pathnames fname (asdf:component-pathname (asdf:find-system system))) )
(defun convert-from-document-file (fname system
&key ((:type file-type) :plain-text))
(with-output-to-string (ost)
(convert-to-string file-type (build-document-path fname system) ost) ))
(defmethod convert-to-string (file-type (path pathname) (ost stream))
(with-open-file (ist path :direction :input :if-does-not-exist :error)
(convert-to-string file-type ist ost) ))
(defmethod convert-to-string ((file-type (eql :plain-text))
(ist stream) (ost stream) )
(loop with eof = (gensym)
for line = (read-line ist nil eof)
until (eq line eof)
do (princ line ost) (terpri ost) )
t )
(defmethod convert-to-string ((file-type (eql :markdown))
(path pathname) (ost stream) )
(markdown:markdown path :stream ost) )
(defmethod convert-to-string ((file-type (eql :markdown))
(path pathname) (ost stream) )
(warn "On GNU clisp environment, markdown conversion is not supported.~%We'll read ~s as plain-text, instead.~%" path)
(convert-to-string :plain-text path ost) )
(defun update-cache (cache-path fname system ftype)
(with-open-file (ost cache-path :direction :output
:if-exists :supersede :if-does-not-exist :create )
(princ (convert-from-document-file fname system :type ftype) ost) ))
(defun get-rendered-long-description (fname system
&key ((:type ftype) :plain-text))
;; check and update cache file and get result
(let* ((source-path (build-document-path fname system))
(cache-path (build-document-path "long-desctiption.cache" system))
(source-date (asdf-utils:safe-file-write-date source-path))
(cache-date (asdf-utils:safe-file-write-date cache-path)) )
(when (or (not cache-date) (> source-date cache-date))
(update-cache cache-path fname system ftype) )
(when (asdf-utils:safe-file-write-date cache-path)
(with-output-to-string (ost)
(convert-to-string :plain-text cache-path ost) ))))
(defmacro update-long-description (fname system
&key ((:type ftype) :plain-text))
`(setf (asdf:system-long-description (asdf:find-system ,system))
(get-rendered-long-description ,fname ,system :type ,ftype) ))