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Quickstarts for SwitchYard project

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Welcome to the SwitchYard Quickstart Repository!


  • bean-service : CDI-based bean services, Java transformations, and a SOAP binding.
  • bpm-service : basic BPMN2 process which invokes bean services.
  • camel-binding : service binding using the Camel gateway component.
  • camel-jms-binding : service binding using a Camel JMS endpoint.
  • camel-service : routing service example using the Java DSL and XML route definition languages.
  • camel-soap-proxy : simple pass through between SOAP gateways to demonstrate proxy capabilities.
  • hornetq-binding : service binding using the HornetQ gateway component.
  • rules-camel-cbr : uses the combination of a rules service and a camel service to create a content-based router.
  • rules-interview : demonstrates the use of simple business rules using drools drl.
  • rules-interview-agent : same as rules-interview, but uses a compiled KnowledgePackage and a KnowledgeAgent.
  • transform-jaxb : automatic transformation of JAXB-annotated message payloads.
  • transform-json : transformation to/from JSON using the JSON transformer.
  • transform-smooks : Smooks-based transformers to map between XML and Java.
  • transform-xslt : transformation using XSLT.
  • validate-xml : XML message contents validation.

Quickstart Demos

  • helpdesk : an example application demonstrating features of BPM and SOAP.
  • helpdesk-webapp : an example web application demonstrating features of BPM and SOAP.
  • orders : includes a JSF front-end demonstrating injection of service references into webapps.
  • policy-transaction : uses transaction policy to control transactional characteristics of a service.
  • webapp-deploy : demonstrates deployment of SwitchYard embedded in a web application.
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