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A music player that connects to your cloud/distributed storage, in the form of a static, serverless, web application.

📍 Available at and for download.


Music layer for music storage. User layer for user-data storage.

Music layer

User layer

Hosting on your own server

Diffuse is a static web application, which means it's just HTML, CSS, and Javascript. No REST API, database, or anything backend-related involved. The app uses a hash (aka. fragment-based) routing system, so you don't need any special server rules for routing. You can download a pre-build web-only version of Diffuse on the releases page. Diffuse uses service workers, so you may need HTTPS for it to work smoothly in certain browsers.

I should also note that some source services use OAuth, so you'll need to use your own application credentials (eg. Google Drive client ID + secret). That said, if you're working locally, you can use http://localhost:8000 or to use the default ones, that's what the old Electron app was using.

In short:

  • Diffuse is a static, serverless web application
  • Routing is done using hashes/fragments (eg.
  • Download a web build on the releases page
  • Uses service workers (use HTTPS if possible)
  • May need own OAuth application credentials for some source services

Building it yourself

This project can be built with Node.js.

# 🍱

# 1. Install dependencies
npm install

# 2. Build
npx just build

# 3. Start static-file server
npx just server

# 4. Watch for changes (requires [watchexec]( to be installed)
npx just watch

# Alternatively, to build, serve & watch:
npx just